Chat log of @th3j35t3r and @JohnTiessen

I did my video to be nice and also to end Jester from pulling me into fights. I did not make it out of fear. if jester wants to do what ever to me I say, “GO FOR IT BRAH” I don’t even know why he would but it is up to him if he is mad over a video i did in 2010 then it is ok with me.

Here is the log of our chat read on.

th3j35t3r: Sup Johnny?
You: well you turned off the chat in here so i could not chat
th3j35t3r: what was the last thing you saw me say?
You: i do drugs or did them i do not remember lol
You: but i was saying you blocked me on my new acconut
th3j35t3r: I block all assholes.
You: come on i did not post anything about you at all
You: i even re-tweet your post about 4 thimes
th3j35t3r: So thats not you in the video crazy guy?
th3j35t3r: I know you and rambler are the same guy.
th3j35t3r: so of course I’ll block both youraccounts
th3j35t3r: because you are a lying faggot.
You: faggot?
th3j35t3r: Indeed.
th3j35t3r: lets not split hairs johnny.
th3j35t3r: you say you know my identity, so lets hear it lol
You: dave
th3j35t3r: you keep insisting I am a child molester so come on John lets get down to the nitty gritty.
th3j35t3r: Dave who John?
You: come on come on wait
You: i have not posted that in over two years
You: green
th3j35t3r: Thats your first mistake my name isnt dave, so I willbe expecting a full apology.
You: i said that year ago to you
th3j35t3r: and you were wrong then too.
You: told you i got bad info from cops
th3j35t3r: and that last video is 3 months old John.
You: no its not its over a year old sry
th3j35t3r: you got no info from any cops because the cops dont know me either.
You: it was after your name came up on a child porn site
You: i like you brah i think you done a lot on line. more then i could or have
th3j35t3r: that last video you did: Published on Sep 15, 2012
th3j35t3r: suck up much?
th3j35t3r: John you brought this to your door.
You: all i know is it was after your name was on the site with child porn i was told i was right so i made a video
th3j35t3r: that was silly now wasnt it.
th3j35t3r: How would your employer like to see what a fucktard you are?
You: i do not work
th3j35t3r: You are a fucking delusional man.
th3j35t3r: lets leave your fantasies alone for a minute
You: ok
You: u asked me
th3j35t3r: and talk about why you keep insisting I am a fucking child molster even tho you know you are wrong and just
admitted the same.
You: want me to say i was wrong online?
th3j35t3r: That would be wonderful, a video just like you made before. But I dont really give a shit.
You: ill do it and make a web-page for you too?
You: un block me on @AnonMidnightRam
th3j35t3r: Does Kristina ‘Gonzales’ bring in all the money? You have all this money and your wife is a secretary?
You: i wont string in your post
You: yes
You: but i do not lie keep that in mind too
th3j35t3r:  I know everything about you.
th3j35t3r: You do lie, I have seen it with my own eyes.
th3j35t3r: you piece of fucking shit
You: piece of fucking shit?
th3j35t3r: 763-432-5XX7 – want me to give that number a call, tell Kristina all about you?
th3j35t3r: or 612-636-XXX4
You: sure if you want im not hidding nothing from no one
th3j35t3r: or
th3j35t3r: 4320 madison street NE?
You: old add
You: XXX bennett dr ne
th3j35t3r: whatever.
You: call me
You: 763-221-1XXO
th3j35t3r: I amnot gonna call YOU john.
You: ok
th3j35t3r: so cray guy
th3j35t3r: your house is a 1000 sq ft and you are underwater on your mortgage by nearly 100K
You: chill out brah
th3j35t3r: you lie, I can find it all out myself. thats what you forget.
th3j35t3r: I dont give a shit if you do a video aying you were wrong and you lied repeatedly thru your teeth.
th3j35t3r: you tried to fuck me up.
th3j35t3r: karma.
You: ok im going to make a video and a web site saying i got bad info on you thats all i can do
th3j35t3r: no youu can say yuo lied.
th3j35t3r: you lied, not that you got bad info john, you lied.
th3j35t3r: you need to face that christian.
th3j35t3r: and do itpublically.
You: yopu got Commander X on?
th3j35t3r: nope.
th3j35t3r: not interestedin that fucking degenerate either.
You: he was after me too for some reason
th3j35t3r: you John, thats all I am interested in, and you brought it to your door.
th3j35t3r: good, I hope he gets you too.
You: chill out
th3j35t3r: you are not my friend so quit with the small talk.
th3j35t3r: you need to tell me why you repeatedly lied about me.
th3j35t3r: NOW.
th3j35t3r: dont blame it on bad info either.
th3j35t3r: face up to what you did.
You: repeatedly?
You: i made a video
You: then got info u was on a poor site and i was right so i made another one
You: you done?
th3j35t3r: but you weren’t right were you? And the only cops you know are the ones that put you injail.
You: what i say is true like it or not. ill do the video if you want and a web-page too
You: i do know bad cops from way back when i alos have a brother in law who is a cop
th3j35t3r: are still maintaining I am a fucking child molester?
th3j35t3r: Be careful how you answer this.
You: no im not or i should say the info i got seems to be wrong
th3j35t3r: this is on YOU john. You – it’s not about ‘the info’ you got.
You: buck stops here
th3j35t3r: you didnt get any info. You are an anon who tried to discredit me.
th3j35t3r: plain and simple.
th3j35t3r: if you do a video blaming it on bad info, you wil wish you hadn’t, you need to explain how you lied.
th3j35t3r: you need to tell the world the truth, which is that you are asad old man trolling the internet.
You: sad old man trolling the internets
th3j35t3r: you can understand why I am annoyed right?
th3j35t3r: yep thats what I said.
th3j35t3r: sad old man trolling the internet and making shit up about people, it makes you feel important.
th3j35t3r: You say you are a Christian? What a joke.
You: no
You: true Christian
th3j35t3r: whatever.
You: there is a dif
th3j35t3r: I haven’t got all day to shoot the shit with you. You are fucking crazy. PS I got logs of this
conversation, and will publish if I need to.
th3j35t3r: have a great day.
You: k
You: u 2
You: next time lets keep the name calling out
th3j35t3r: And GTFO of my goddam timeline on twitter. I dont wanna see you or that fucking midnightrambler sock puppet
of yours speak about me again.
You: ill post the video on @AnonMidnightRam if you can un-block me from there it would be cool
th3j35t3r: You will post the video from john tiessen, or you can expect me.
You: i do not use that no more
th3j35t3r: I wont be interacting with your @Anonmidnightram account ever so give it up.
th3j35t3r: you gonna have to use the John tiessen account.
th3j35t3r: thats where you posted your original shit from.
th3j35t3r: needs to come from the same placejohnny.
You: have to?
th3j35t3r: Absolutely.
th3j35t3r: You are not in aposition to call any shots here
You: im not scared of you you do know that right?
th3j35t3r: You @AnonMidnightRam account wont get an response from me.
You: im doing the video to be nice not out of fearf
th3j35t3r: John, I dont really give ashit if you doa video or not.
th3j35t3r: really I dont.
You: well like i said im doing it to be a nice person
th3j35t3r: you are not a nice person.
You: i did not know u was all mad over this
th3j35t3r: yes you did.
You: em i ever right in your eyes
th3j35t3r: and I am not mad for the record. You are fucking hilarious.
th3j35t3r: anyway like I said, I’m busy, and so should you be.
th3j35t3r: out.
th3j35t3r has exited the room.
The operator ended the session.



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